Sometimes, a messages requires the attention of a specific contact or interlocutor. If this is the case, you can choose to tag them to get their attention.

You can tag contacts by typing a ‘@’ in a message. When you do, a windows will open, showing all participants of this conversation.

In the web version you select the the person you wish to tag by using the arrow keys and then pressing enter.

On a mobile device you select this person by clicking his or her name.

When you tag someone, that person will receive an email telling them they were tagged in the message – as long as they have not chosen not to receive these email notifications, of course.

In a group chat, you also have the option to tag all participants using the @all tag. In that case all interlocutors will receive an email.

You can also choose to use the CC to email functionality. This functionality adds an @all tag to a group chat or the tag with the name of the other party in a one-on-one conversation.