Employees without a company email address can also use the Alterdesk messenger. Normally, a company email address is required for registration. However, if you are the company admin you can add users using their private email address or even with a username rather than an email address.

If you are a company admin, you have access to the company settings. Go to the menu in the top right corner of the web version and choose ‘Company settings’.

If you want to add users without an email address, you will have to go to the ‘Account’ tab first. Here you have to set up a ‘Login domain’. You could just use your company name for this. Then go to the ‘Users’ tab. Here you will see a button labeled ‘Create new user’. Click it. You will be given a choice; pick ‘Create new user with username’. Enter the user’s personal details and click ‘Create user’.

If you want to create a new user using his/her private email address, go to the ‘Users’ tab. Click the button labeled ‘Create new user’. If you have set up a login domain, you will be given a choice – otherwise you will automatically see the option where you have to create a user with an email address. If you are also given the option to create a user with a username, pick ‘Create new user using email address’ instead. Enter the user’s personal details and click ‘Create user’.

If you add a new user with a private email address via the ‘usual’ way (by means of a normal invite), this user will not be added to the company account. This means that the user will have access to less functionalities and that he/she cannot be found in your list of co-workers. By adding the user via the company settings instead, the user will become a co-worker with an account with full functionality.