Two-factor authentication is a technique by means of which you can add an extra layer of security to a login process. It means that the identity of a user can be determined by using two separate components.

Alterdesk uses a code that can be generated by the Google Authenticator app for its two-factor authentication. This means that after you have enabled two-factor authentication in Alterdesk, you should download and set up this app on your smartphone. From that moment onward, whenever you wish to log in you will have to use the unique code that Google Authenticator generates. This means that only someone who has access to your username, password and smartphone can login to your account.

Setting up two-factor authentication

In the Alterdesk messenger you set up two-factor authentication by using the web version and navigating to “Settings”.

Then choose “Two-factor authentication” and switch it on. After you’ve enabled two-factor authentication you will be prompted to fill in your password so we can check your identity, after which you will see a QR-code. With this QR-code you can set up your Google Authenticator.

You can download Google Authenticator from the app store for your specific device (Google Play for Android, the iTunes Store for iOS). If you need any help setting up your Google Authenticator, you can find instructions here.

(Alternative spelling: 2 factor authentication or 2-factor authentication.)