Security is one of the cornerstones of Alterdesk.

All messages and files are sent over an SSL-encrypted connection. This means that a third party can never intercept your data. All sent data is encrypted in transit and in rest, meaning it is also stored encrypted.

We also make it possibleĀ for our users to enable certain extra security measures themselves. For the mobile applications (Android and iOS) you canĀ enable a PIN code to make your app less readily accessible.

The user also has the option to use two-factor authentication, which serves as an extra layer of security for the login procedure.

Alterdesk will never hand your data to third parties. The only exception is when the user chooses to authorize a specific application (like, for example, Zapier) to access specific data. In that case the user will be prompted that data will be shared with the app and what data will be shared. The data will only be shared if the user accepts this. The authorisation can be disabled or revoked at any time.