A group can be closed. When you are the owner of the group conversation, you can go to ‘More’ in the web interface and then click ‘Close chat’. On your mobile device, you can go to ‘Chat options’ and then click ‘Close chat’.

A closed group conversation is a conversation in which changes can no longer be made. This means that no new messages can be added, people can not be added or removed and they cannot leave the conversation. You can however still download the conversation and the conversation history can be perused at any time.

Why would you want to close a group?

An example of a scenario in which you could close a group conversation is when the chat is for a project that has been finished. When the project is finished, the conversation is no longer needed and can be closed.

When a chat is closed, you can make sure you no longer see it in your chat overview by setting your filter to ‘Open’. Closed chats will then no longer be shown.

Can a conversation that was closed be re-opened?

No, when a conversation is closed it can never be re-opened. If you wish to discuss the same topic with the same team members, you will need to create a new group conversation.

Can I delete the group chat completely?

Once a group chat has been closed, you could also delete it. To do so, when using your desktop / web app you can open the menu labeled ‘More’ at the top left of the conversation (below the title). If the conversation has been closed, you will see the option to delete the chat.

On Android, press down on the chat in your chat overview to open the options menu. You will see the option to delete the chat listed in that menu.

On iOS, open the closed chat and go to the menu at the top right corner. Choose ‘Options’. You will see the option to delete the chat at the bottom.

Can I close a one-on-one conversation?

One-on-one conversations can not be closed.

You can however remove or remove and block contacts (but not co-workers). To do this open the conversation with the person you would like to remove in the web version and go to ‘More’, then choose ‘Remove contact’ or ‘Remove and block contact’.

On your mobile device click on the contact you want to remove and hold it until a menu shows up. In that menu click ‘Remove contact’ or ‘Remove and block contact’.