In this article we already discussed the possibility to mark conversations in order to be able to look them up more easily. Besides the types of marking mentioned there (high priority, favorite, flagged and done), there are more filters you can apply to your chat overview.

When you click ‘Filter’, the following options appear:

  • All
  • Open (closed chats are not shown)
  • Unread (only chats that contain unread messages are shown)
  • Marked (marked with a flag)
  • Done (marked with a green tick)
  • Favourite (marked with a star)
  • High priority (marked with an exclamation mark)
  • Closed (only closed chats are shown)

These filters can be applied to both the overview of ‘All chats’ and the overview of your group chats. An important difference is that when you are in the ‘All chats’ view, the system will remember your chosen filter, while with group chats it will always revert to the default filter: ‘All’.