When using the ‘hybrid messaging’ functionality, communication through Alterdesk is combined with traditional email communication.

When you create an Alterdesk group chat with hybrid messaging switched on, Alterdesk will send out emails to all participants based on activity in this chat – participants can then choose to reply by means of the messenger or by email. Any response will be automatically added to the Alterdesk conversation as a message.

How do I enable ‘hybrid messaging’?

You can enable hybrid messaging either when you are creating a new group or by editing the settings of an already existing one.

All you have to do is enable “Enable group chat reactions via email”. You can then choose for which members to enable it.

All participants for whom hybrid messaging has been enabled will receive email messages based on activity in this chat. The email will prompt them to reply, either by email or by using the messenger.

Messages sent by email can easily be spotted in the web interface – a little envelope is shown next to such a message and you have the option to download a PDF of the original email.