If you are one of your company’s administrators, you can decide which Alterdesk clients your co-workers should be able to use. This can be handy if, for example, it is company policy to only use Android smartphones or only iOS.

The default setting is that all clients are available. If you wish to change this, you can go to the company settings and then to the ‘Advanced’ tab. At the bottom of the page you will find a segment labeled ‘Client access’, containing an overview of the clients available:

  • API
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Web client & Desktop

As you can see, the API (used for creating software integrations) is also listed as a client. Android and iOS include both smartphones and tablets.

Next to each client, you can see a button to switch off the respective client. Note: as a company administrator, you will always keep access to all clients (otherwise, if you switched off, for example, the web client, you would no longer have access to the company settings).

Clients that have been switched off can, of course, always be switched back on at a later stage.