In the ‘Advanced’ tab of your company settings, you will find the following option: “Use fallback languages in the generated emails” – but what does this mean?

If you switch on this option it roughly means that users belonging to your organization will receive system emails in all languages available in the messenger. They will, of course, still receive only one email at once – below the standard language of your organization, the same message will be shown in the other available languages (at the time of writing, the available languages are Dutch, English, Spanish and German).

This may be a handy setting for organizations that employ people with different backgrounds who may not fully master the standard language.

This setting can be set per organization – this means that if you have switched it on, it does not influence the emails received by contacts working for other organizations. If they wish to receive their system emails in multiple languages, their own company administrator will need to switch this on for their organization.