As an admin, you have two options to remove employees. You can either deactivate them or delete them completely.

Deactivating users

A deactivated user can no longer log in and all of his/her contacts and colleagues will see their conversations with that person as a closed conversation.

A deactivated user will not show up when using the ‘Open’ filter to filter your chats. Even so, all of the conversation history with that person will stay accessible.

To deactivate an employee, go to the company settings by going to the menu in the  top right corner of the web version. Click ‘Company settings’. In the ‘Users’ tab, you will see a list of your company’s employees. Look up the employee you wish to deactivate in this list and click the ‘Options’ button next to this user. To deactivate the user, click ‘Deactivate’. You can also choose ‘Edit’ rather than ‘Options’ and click on ‘Deactivate user’ at the bottom of the page.

A deactivated user can, if the need arises, be re-activated.

Deleting users

To fully delete a user, you must first deactivate him/her. The button which you first used to deactivate the user will not provide the option to delete the user.

When the user has been deleted, this has the following consequences:

  • The user will no longer be able to access the account.
  • One-on-one conversations with the deleted user will be automatically closed and the user’s name will be shown as ‘Anonymous User’.
  • In group conversations in which the user participated, his/her messages will be assigned to ‘Anonymous User’.
  • The deleted user can never be re-activated.