Yes, it is possible to import your co-workers all in one go.

When you have admin rights, you can access the company settings. You can do this by going to the menu at the top right of your screen (in the web interface) and choosing ‘Company settings’.

In the company settings, go to the ‘Users’ tab. Here you will see a list of all your company’s users. You will also see a button labeled ‘Create new user’ and a button labeled ‘Import users’. Click on ‘Import users’ – you will be asked for a file in CSV, XLS or XLSX format. This file should contain at least an email address or username and a name (all in separate rows). Last names, phone numbers and passwords are optional fields.

When you have selected your file, you will be prompted to select which column of the file corresponds to specific values in Alterdesk. This way you can make sure that, for example, you do not upload first names as last names or vice versa. When you have selected the correct columns for each value and selected the column from which you would like to start uploading, click on ‘Import’.

All contacts listed in your file, starting from the row you have selected, will be imported into Alterdesk and added to your company account as co-workers.

Note: do you want to import users who have no email address? First, you will have to set up a ‘Login domain’ in the ‘Account’ tab of your company settings. This login domain is often the company name. Once set, when importing users, you can remove the email address column and add a ‘username’ column. If you have not set a login domain, an email address is required for the import to work.