In our mobile apps it is possible to enable a PIN code. Should you loan out or lose your phone, a PIN code will make sure that another person cannot simply access your messaging data.

To enable the PIN, go to ‘General settings’. There you can find the option ‘Use PIN’ under ‘General’. When you’ve enabled the ‘Use PIN’ option you get prompted to set your PIN code. A word to the wise: we advice against using a PIN code with four identical numbers (like 0000) or a number that is easy to guess, like your year of birth.

After you have filled in the PIN code and confirmed it, your PIN is set. From now on every time you open the mobile Alterdesk messenger app, you will be asked to enter your PIN code.

Should you forget your PIN code, do not worry. After filling in an incorrect PIN code three times, you will automatically be logged out. All you need to do to regain access to your account is to log in again. You will have to set your PIN code again, though.