There are multiple resources about working with our APIs. To make sure that you can start quickly and easily, we have listed them below.

Please note: naturally, creating an API integration or an add-on such as a chatbot requires some programming skills. Our team gladly helps you on your way by pointing out the necessary documentation, but we hope you understand that we are not equipped to respond to basic questions about the actual coding.

Your account
Before you get started you will need to register an account on our platform via You can use this account to build and test your work.

Access – OAuth
In order to be able to use the APIs, you will need an OAuth token. We have explained how you can create an OAuth v2 token here:

We have a REST API and a real-time API. Here you will find the documentation for our REST API:

The real-time API
The documentation for our real-time API can be found here:

Demo applications
Curious about what you can make with our real-time API? We have made demos for 1-on-1 conversations and group conversations.

Our example chatbot
Would you like to build a chatbot for our platform? Do check out our demo chatbot! In this example you can see the possibilities of our chatbot framework in action and use it as a foundation to build your very own chatbot.

NodeJS libraries
To make a flying start connecting with our APIs or creating chatbots, we have made some NodeJS libraries available on GitHub: