Alterdesk users can also choose to share their screen during a video call, if they are using the desktop client (for Windows or macOS) or the web client in Chrome or Firefox. If you are using Chrome, you will need to install our Chrome extension for desktop sharing first.

Start a regular video call with the one(s) you wish to share your screen with (also see this article on how to start a video call).

When you have started a video call, at the top of your screen you will see the word ‘Screen size’, next to some little icons to make the image of those you are communicating with larger or smaller. At the right of these icons, you will see an icon showing to overlapping rectangles – click on it to share your screen.

Next you will see a screen on which you can select which screen you wish to share (after all, you could be using multiple browsers or software systems). Click on the screen you wish to share.