The little red bubble at the top of your chat overview shows the amount of unread chats. However, sometimes this indicator is also present when it looks like you have read everything – why is this?

Most people have filtered their chat overview to show only open chats. When the messages a user has not yet read are posted in a chat that was closed afterwards, these chats cannot be seen while using the ‘Open chats’ filter, but they will trigger the unread chats indicator. In order to ensure that you have not missed anything, you can set the filter to ‘Unread’ – any closed chats containing unread messages will also be shown.

It could also be that you háve read certain chats on, for example, your mobile device, but that they are shown as unread on another device. This is due to how multi device messaging works – it is impossible to have devices send realtime signals across other used devices about which chats have been read. You can, however, refresh or switch your screen while using the web client or swipe down when using a mobile device. This will update your chat overview right away.