The Alterdesk platform is specifically designed for professional communication. By means of e-mail address we verify whether you are a user who belongs to a specific company. The email address should contain a domain that belongs to a specific company, for example: Private email addresses with extensions like Gmail, Hotmail, Quicknet, etc. are not allowed during the registration process. However, when you have an Alterdesk account you can invite other people on their private email address to communicate with them – they will be provided with a limited private account.

If you do not have access to an mail address with an organisational domain, but your company does use Alterdesk, you can still join your co-workers on our platform. Ask the company administrator regulating the organisation’s Alterdesk account to add you to the company account using your private email address.

NOTE: Your colleagues can also invite you on your private email address, however, this does not make you part of the company. Only a company administrator can add you to the company.